Texas Uncontested Divorce

We provide affordable uncontested divorce. Our service is unique in Texas as we actually file the petition on your behalf, get it approved and then provide remaining documents to finalize the divorce.

In Texas, you can e-File civil cases including divorce. We are US Legal PRO - Texas State Approved Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP). You can find us @EFILETEXAS.GOV. All this means is that we can actually help you unlike other online divorce sites which will simply give you forms.

DIvorce in Texas is pretty straightforward if it is uncontested. Following are the steps you will have to go through to get a divorce in Texas.

  • 1) Complete Original Petition of Divorce and File it. Simply Start Process (see above) and complete the petition and we will file it.
  • 2) Once the petition is approved by the court you will need to give the approved petition to your spouse. It is ok if you cannot find your spouse - we will still be able to help you through the process
  • 3) Wait 60 days (mandatory waiting period for divorce in Texas). While waiting, complete a form called "Decree of Divorce" that has all the agreements you reached with your spouse. We will give you the form
  • 4) As you are nearing the end of the 60 days waiting period, call the court to schedule a hearing.
  • 5) Go to the court to finalize your divorce on the hearing date

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