eFile 4 Me

EFile4Me Service Information and Agreement

  • EFile4Me is an exclusive service provided by US Legal PRO for helping filers with the technical process of eFiling documents to Court. The price is for single submission and you should already have a petition or filing drafted before you use this service.

    Note to Divorce Filers: If you are filing an Uncontested divorce and do not have Petition yet, please go to Divorce section and create your petition.

  • Following are included with EFile4Me:

    1. US Legal PRO will create eFiling account for you with personal information that you provide if needed.
    2. US Legal PRO will convert your filing to PDF if needed and make it Text Searchable.
    3. US Legal PRO will create eFiling application based on the filing documents and information that you provide.
    4. US Legal PRO will eFile the application created in step #3 after you validate and approve for eFiling.
  • EFile4Me is not a Legal advisory service and you are fully responsible for telling us what to eFile.
  • US Legal PRO cannot guarantee acceptance of e-Filed documents by the courts. If you send us wrong eFiling information then court will possibly reject your filing.
  • EFile4Me service is not a government or courts sponsored service.
  • EFile4Me service deals with "How to eFile" and not with "What and Where to eFile"
  • If your filing gets rejected for any reasons other than technical, we charge additional $9.98 to refile the corrected application.
  • The fee is non-refundable and the fee is separate from court’s fee.
  • Note: If you prefer to email the documents to us instead of completing this form, please email them to efile@uslegalpro.com

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